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Avery :: Kansas Senior Class of 2016

Meet Avery who came all the way from Kansas for her senior shoot…

“We were all very hesitant at first that we were going to take my senior pictures (a huge milestone in my life) all the way in Florida! We had never heard of anyone from around where I live going to the Clearwater area for pictures so we had no idea where to even start! I got online to look around and as soon as I saw Theresa’s pictures and how amazing they were I knew she was going to be the one!

There are no words to explain how truly amazing my experience was. Theresa was so uplifting and made me feel beautiful in front of the camera! My absolute favorite part was how I didn’t even feel like I was taking pictures at times, we were having so much fun!

It was such an amazing experience; I would not have changed a single thing! She will capture every quirk possible of yours to remember your entire life. Theresa Marie does so much more than just take pictures, she captures your inner and outer beauty! She taught to be my own kind of beautiful!

Theresa, I could never thank you enough for everything. I wish so badly we could’ve came to the studio for the order appointment and pickup.. But I can’t wait to see all my amazing pieces! I hope to someday see you again!”

My role models are:
My role models would be my parents! They do everything they possibly can to make sure my sister and I get to do and have what we want. I hope someday I can be as amazing of a parent to my kids as my parents are to me!

my DREAM job would be:
To be a nurse!

one thing I couldnt live without:
My phone and my family

My favorite book or magazine:
I love the Hunger Games series and the Divergent series! I also love any books by Nicholas Sparks!

5 things on my life bucket list are:
To travel to as many places over sea as possible, be the coolest parents to my kids someday, and to live a happy life with my soulmate!

something I have too much of:
Clothes and shoes!!

a movie that makes me happy:
Dolphin Tale

TV show I’m currently addicted to:
The bachelorette

a movie that makes me cry:
The Fault in Our Stars

mac or pc:

my favorite place to shop is:
The mall

my favorite snack foods are:
Any fruit!

if I inherited a million bucks today, I would:
Save enough to pay off my entire college expenses, buy myself a new car, give my parents a little, and to just save up for a rainy day!

my favorite color is:
Teal or turquoise

my favorite high school memory is:
Making it to state in both volleyball and basketball my freshmen year!

Megan :: Plant City Senior Class of 2015

Meet Megan who graduated from Plant City High School last spring…



“I wanted a photographer that would capture me in a way that was timeless, not cheesy like a lot of senior pictures are. I found Theresa through google and did some researching and fell in love with her style. After talking with her on the phone I knew I could trust her to give me a perfect senior shoot.

It was an awesome experience. I knew I didn’t need to stress because I was in good hands! My favorite part was getting my makeup done and planning the shoot because we could just laugh and get excited for what was to come! At my reveal I was truly blown away…I felt beautiful!! I love my pictures so much.

I am so grateful that I found Theresa. She gave me such a unique senior experience and it was truly the cherry on top of my final months as a senior! Not only does she do beautiful work, but she makes you feel so special. Everything Theresa does is done with care and detail in mind. If I were to do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing!!

Theresa doesn’t just take pictures, edit them, and give you your order. She makes it a whole experience. From her Snapchat stories to her adorable ‘Pink Starburst’ notes, she makes you feel so special. She is the most detail-oriented person I’ve met and I feel like I can honestly call her a friend. My pictures are everything I could have dreamed of and more. She captured the essence of who I am. Theresa’s style is so tasteful and I know I will love these pictures until I’m 80!”


5 things on my life bucket list are:
Travel the world
Run a marathon
Learn another language (Spanish or French)
Have kids
Join the Peace Corps

My role models are:
My mom because she makes everyone feel important. My sister because she is brilliant. Emma Watson because she is so classy and continues to pursue her education.

My favorite color is:

My favorite place to shop is:
Online…Asos, Nordstrom, and tons of online boutiques
Something I have too much of:
COFFEE…or is there such thing as too much coffee?

My favorite snack foods are:
Peanut Butter, Dry Cereal, Cheese, and Fruit

The THEME SONG to to my life would be:
Honestly any Girl Power song but if I were to pick one then probably Miss Independent by Ne-Yo. I’m all about being my own person and not relying on others to be successful.

If I had to listen to ONE station on Pandora until the end of time it would be:
Lana Del Rey

One thing I couldnt live without:

My favorite books and magazine are:
The Harry Potter series, Time Traveler’s Wife, Water for Elephants, To Kill a Mockingbird…this is hard I have too many. Cosmo Magazine.

A movie that makes me happy:
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

A movie that makes me cry:
Blind Side

TV show I’m currently addicted to:

If I inherited a million bucks today, I would:
Buy a BMW

My favorite high school memory is:
Making the Varsity Cheer Team sophomore year.

My DREAM job would be:
Pediatrician that gets to travel the world and help sick kiddies in 3rd world countries.

Lindsey :: Plant City Senior Class of 2015

Meet Lindsey who is a 2015 graduate from Plant City High school…

“My family and I didn’t have any hesitations with senior pictures because we knew it was something we really wanted to do before I graduate. We felt that it was important to have proffesional pictures done during such a big part of my life so that we could look back on them. I chose Theresa Marie because my friend actually saw her online and once I stalked her site I fell in love with the way she captures people. I really liked her whole style that she had and I felt like I could connect with her.

My overall experience with Theresa Marie was excellent and I would recommend her to anybody that wants to get senior pictures done! I loved how comfortable she made me feel from all of the sweet treats she had to the gift bag I got at the end. I’m not a person who likes to take pictures all of the time because I’ve always felt that I’m not that photogenic but once we started she had me loosen up with her silly sense of humor and corny jokes which helped me a lot plus my best friend, Megan was there to make weird faces in the background. I loved getting the chance to have airbrushed makeup done because I’ve never done it before and because it looked amazing!

It’s hard to say what my favorite part was because the whole process was pretty fun but I took some pictures with my best friend who is going to UF while I’m going FSU and that was really special since we got to capture moments together before we have to go our separate ways even though we could never really be separated.

Also I loved seeing my pictures with my mom and seeing her reactions as I sat back and ate some popcorn courtesy of Theresa! When I first saw my images I was very surprised and overwhelmed because they all were so nicely done thanks to Theresa and I felt very special in that moment! It’s not every day that you watch a video that is all about you.

Theresa’s jokes and comforting sayings made me feel at ease while taking pictures since I was a little tense at first. Towards the end of the shoot we were all laughing and Theresa made me feel like a princess with the way she had all of these special things all ready for me. I was not expecting to be treated like a queen but that’s how Theresa will make you feel. She does all of these little extra things that most people maybe wouldn’t do but they make you feel special.

I’m so thankful to have such a sweet and caring photographer like her and I will always remember and cherrish the moments we had while capturing my senior pictures! Theresa Marie is awesome and you would be lucky to have her as your photographer for senior pictures!”

my role models are:
My parents because they are both very strong and have taught me everything I know. They have always done whats best for me and I hope to be a parent that is as good as them.

5 things on my life bucket list are:
Travel Europe, Have Children, Go to the Olympics, Tour Washington D.C., go to fashion week

 my favorite book or magazine is:
Harry Potter Series and anything romance, Vogue, Seventeen Magazine

TV show I’m currently addicted to:
How to get away with murder

something I have too much of:
Nail polish

one thing I couldnt live without:
my bed

my favorite place to shop is:
jcrew, nordrom, american eagle

a movie that makes me happy:
The Parent Trap

a movie that makes me cry:
p.s i love you

my favorite color is:


mac or pc:
 my favorite snack foods are:
cheez its, fruit gummies, nuts, grapes

if I inherited a million bucks today, I would:
get a lawyer and investment broker

my favorite high school memory is:
Going to football games and getting food after at Beefs where we always go and just having fun in a big group

my DREAM job would be:
A buyer for Nordstrom