"Theresa Marie is the best senior photographer in FL in my opinion."

"Being an introvert, I was nervous about my senior pictures. I was worried I wouldn't be able to let loose, be myself, and just have fun. However, after meeting TheresaMarie I realized she was just as excited as I was for my senior pictures. She could not wait to incorporate my many hobbies and passions. The day of the shoot arrived and my mom basically hauled my entire closet to the shoot. No worries though, because TheresaMarie sorted through all of my clothes and picked out the perfect outfits. After makeup and putting on my first outfit, we jumped into the cars and headed to our first location. We jammed to my favorite music the entire night. I felt like a goddess. To sum it all up TheresaMarie gave me a thank you bag filled with everything a girl could want (and a couple things for mom). After hugging goodbye, I realized I could not have had a better senior picture experience. 

TheresaMarie is the best senior photographer in FL in my opinion. She has all the components for an amazing experience and amazing photos. Her personality makes you feel at home immediately and you can just be yourself. I highly recommend TheresaMarie to all seniors."

- Caitlyn S. | Robinson HS | tampa, FL

"Theresa Marie and I instantly bonded."

“My family and I hesitated when it came to my senior pictures because we wanted my photos to have quality and life to them… We wanted to be able to look back in ten years and say, “Wow, this is exactly how I remember Courtney when she was younger.” I personally wanted to be able to feel something special when I looked at each picture. I started looking on the TM website and all of her beautiful work instantly caught my eye. Right then, I knew that my mom and I had to book my shoot.

My overall experience was out of this world. Everything was PERFECT. It was by far the best senior experience that I have had so far. My favorite part was how Theresa Marie and I instantly bonded. It felt like we had been friends for years, which made the shoot a little less nerve-racking. Another favorite was how insanely down to earth and goofy Theresa Marie was/is. I was cracking up the whole shoot and for that alone, I will remember this experience forever.

When I saw my images for the first time, they took my breath away (still do). I didn’t know that I could actually look so elegant and beautiful. I have no words to explain my reaction and the way the images made me feel. They were mind blowing and they were better than i could have ever imagined.

Choose Theresa Marie! Not only is she amazing, but her photography skills are also amazing. She has made my dream of having perfect senior pictures come true; as well as many other seniors I’m sure. Theresa Marie makes you feel like you matter, not just getting the right picture. She made sure my pictures were 110% me and she made sure I was comfortable all throughout the shoot and never once did I feel uncomfortable. Theresa Marie is the way to go. You won’t get better senior pictures anywhere else, I’m sure of it.

All I can say is thank you SO much, Theresa Marie! My photos are phenomenal! I can honestly say that I never thought my pictures would turn out as well as they did, but they are better than i could have ever imagined. Every time I look at one of my pictures, I stand in disbelief because I never knew that I could look so beautiful… Thanks to you I have THE best senior pictures. I wouldn’t have changed a thing even if I could have. The pictures are beyond perfect! As for the experience, it will be remembered for a lifetime. Thank you, again! You’re the absolute best.”

- Courtney B. | Arcadia, FL



"Doing my senior pictures with Theresa Marie was the best thing I did all senior year!"

“I chose Theresa Marie because I didn’t want my pictures to look so staged and tacky like they do when you get them done in front of the screens. I had an amazing time and loved every part of it. I felt like a princess and was completely comfortable. Getting to meet Theresa Marie was my favorite part, we clicked right away and she made it so much fun! When I first saw my images, I was shocked! I couldn’t believe it was me, I looked amazing!

I wouldn’t change anything about my experience! I had so much fun! The only thing I would change would be having more time to take pictures because it was so much fun! I would tell other seniors how sweet and kind Theresa Marie is! She makes you feel comfortable right away and her pictures are amazing! It’s the best experience I’ve ever had!

Doing my senior pictures with Theresa Marie was the best thing I did all senior year! She made me feel so special and comfortable in front of the camera! My pictures turned out amazing and I know they’ll be something I will treasure forever! I wish I could do this again!”

- Terese O. | Steinbrenner HS | Odessa, FL 


- Hannah G. | Grosse Ile, MI

"When we walked into her studio it immediately felt comforting."

“We wanted to do senior pictures but couldn’t quite find the right prices or photographer that we liked. When we found Theresa Marie’s website it was an easy decision!  We loved her photos and after speaking to her, the prices were reasonable so we emailed her and set up a date!

When my appointment came around I have to admit i was a tad bit scared, but when we walked in her studio it immediately felt comforting. The room was set up so cute and as her stylist did my hair and makeup we conversed about things I liked to talk about and she even played my favorite Pandora station!

We started to take the photos shortly after and at first i was being my awkward self not knowing what to do or where to look, but Theresa Marie made me feel really comfortable and reminded me of a friend. Before i knew it i was right in the swing of things and was posing for the camera at ease. She would tell me what to do at times and then let me do my own thing too. She is so genuine – I’m a really shy person and she got me to come out of my shell.

When we met again and my mom and i were able to look at all the proofs, i was shocked because I didn’t know I could look that good! She made me feel like a supermodel and all the photos came out amazing I wanted to buy them all! Overall the experience was awesome, the photos turned out awesome, and I would recommend her to anyone. She’s a fantastic photographer, a good person in general and fun to work with. Theresa Marie you rock!!”




"I’ve never looked so confident and naturally happy in any photo I have ever taken."

“I was nervous that I wouldn’t photograph well on the day of the shoot. I kept imagining that I would have a bad hair day, or that I would end up smiling too hard turning it into a fake smile that would translate in the photos. But then when I met Theresa Marie, those anxious feelings changed because she made me feel so much more confident. All the helpful tips and compliments she gave me truly helped me relax and just be myself. Theresa Marie truly captured my persona in the shoot, the smiles were definitely not fake and my hair looked fantastic!

The experience went better then I could ever imagined. From the beautiful locations, my outfits and the enthusiasm of Theresa Marie from the moment we met, to picking out the photos made the overall experience fun, simple, and memorable.

I was incredibly shocked when seeing my images, I’ve never looked so confident and naturally happy in any photo I have ever taken. My favorite photos were the ones of me and my boyfriend Dave, because he had played such a great role in my life throughout the years. She gave us both two complimentary photographs which made us incredibly grateful for choosing the generous, caring Theresa Marie. Being a TM senior was the greatest decision I have ever made! Thank you!”


"Would I recommend Theresa Marie to other seniors? OH MY GOD YES!”

“Most of the time I feel awkward having people take pictures of me and posing for someone so I was kind of nervous. We chose Theresa Marie because the photos she does are beautiful and we fell in love!

Theresa Marie made me feel very comfortable! It was a lot of fun, my favorite part was going in the water and posing on the beach because I love the beach and I was excited to take pictures somewhere that I felt embodied my persona.”

When I first saw my images, I was astonished! I knew Theresa took great photos but it’s so different seeing them when they’re pictures of you. I was amazed at how beautiful they looked. Would I recommend Theresa Marie to other seniors? OH MY GOD YES! She is so funny and makes you feel so comfortable when she’s photographing you. She makes the whole thing feel natural and fun.”




"There was never a dull moment because she always keeps it fun and interesting."

“My family and I were hesitant about choosing a photographer that captured my personality, and we wanted to make sure the photos were genuine. When I came across Theresa Marie’s website, I loved the way her images looked, they were exactly what I was looking for!

My experience with Theresa Marie was amazing! There was never a dull moment because she always keeps it fun and interesting. I also loved all the spots she had chosen for the pictures, they were all beautiful!

When I first saw my images I thought they were so beautiful! I couldn’t wait to show all my family and friends! I am so happy I chose her to do my senior pictures, these are photos I will have for the rest of my life and are absolutely gorgeous! My family and myself will always cherish them.

Theresa Marie is one of the most perfect people for the job, she reaches all your expectations of what you’d want for your senior picture experience!”


“I would absolutely recommend Theresa Marie to every senior!”

“We were hesitant at first because we knew that senior pictures could be pricey, but we chose Theresa Marie because we knew she had a great reputation and we had seen her work from many of my older friends.

My experience was fantastic! I felt like a model for the day and had so much fun. Every part of it was exciting and new to me, yet came so naturally. Then when I saw my images I was shocked! They were better than anything I could’ve imagined. They captured me and my personality perfectly.

I would absolutely recommend Theresa Marie to every senior! Theresa Marie is not only one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, but her talent is something incomparable. She made me feel so comfortable and was always excited through every step of my journey.”




"Theresa made everything so inviting."

“I am an obnoxious, over-the-top individual, yet very nervous in front of new people, so I was hesitant that I would get in front of a camera and look like a deer in the headlights, but when looking for photographers, I was drawn to Theresa Marie’s as everyone in the pictures seemed super down-to-earth and not nervous at all.

Theresa made everything so inviting. Small things like discussions about TV and movies and being able to play my Kacey Musgraves made the experience more warm than I expected. Theresa is there to help you look and feel your best and, trust me, by the end of the session, it will DEFINITELY show in your photos!

When I saw my images I was blown away! My pictures were everything I hoped for and more. The backgrounds that she brought me to were amazing and what I was wishing for. I totally recommend Theresa Marie. You can say whatever about any photographer, but the proof is in the pictures, and Theresa delivers!”


"Finding her was a miracle."

“I chose Theresa Marie because I saw her work online through some other friends and absolutely fell in love with her work. I had heard that she was so easy to get along with and genuinely cared about her clients.

I could not have asked for a better experience with Theresa Marie! From the second she called me on the phone even still after my session was over, every time you talk to her you can tell she cares about you. It isn’t just her job, it is what she loves to do and it definitely shows that through her work. Having a not so great experience with senior pictures before I found Theresa Marie, finding her was a miracle. She doesn’t just do her job because she has to, she does it because she loves to. She makes you feel so comfortable and is always making you laugh and have a great time.

Oh my gosh! Just with the sneak peek I knew my pictures were going to be amazing. My photos were everything I could have dreamed of and more! Everything was perfect!

You will have an amazing time with Theresa Marie. She doesn’t just take pictures to take pictures. She takes pictures because that’s what she loves to do. She actually cares about all her clients and doesn’t just blow them off. She will make anyone’s dream about their senior pictures come true.

Thank you for making my senior picture experience everything I could have asked for and more!”




"She got to know who I am and what I was comfortable with."

“I was a bit hesitant to get my pictures taken because I never really liked being in front of the camera. However, my mom found Theresa Marie online while searching for photographers and we both liked not only the quality of the pictures we saw on her website, but how friendly Theresa was.

My experience with Theresa Marie was great. I loved the variety of outfits and locations that I was able to do with her, it really helped me get comfortable taking pictures. I have to say my favorite part about the shoot was when we were near the pink flowers in downtown Palm Harbor. Theresa really knows the best places to get pictures taken!

I was absolutely amazed when I saw my images! I loved everything about them – the poses the locations etc. It was truly amazing to see them. Theresa Marie really puts emphasis on the senior during the experience. She got to know who I am and what I was comfortable with. That made the pictures even more personal and special.”


It was everything I could ever hope for and more.

“I had no hesitations when deciding whether to take senior pictures or not. I chose Theresa because she did my family pictures a few years ago and I loved them, and I’d seen her other senior portraits and loved them.

My experience was amazing. It was everything I could ever hope for and more. If there’s anything I could share with my friends, it would be to just be yourself and she’ll capture the real you. Don’t be nervous about looking stupid or silly, because those actions make the best pictures.

I was in love with my images when I first saw them. Never in a million years did I think they’d turn out that amazing. I wouldn’t have changed a single thing, my experience was perfect.

I would definitely recommend seniors to Theresa Marie and I honestly already have. Taking these pictures was probably one of the best and most memorable experiences if my senior year so far. Thank you for such an amazing time!!”




"Choose Theresa Marie because you definitely won’t be disappointed!"

“Going into my senior year, I knew the one thing I wanted to leave high school with were gorgeous senior photos. However, I didn’t want regular, “run-of-the-mill” photos. I wanted them to show ME, so I could look back on them in the future and remember exactly how I was when I was 18 years old.

I found Theresa Marie through a web search for senior photographers in the Tampa area and I knew immediately when scrolling through her portfolio that I needed my photos done with her. With Theresa Marie, I got everything I wanted and more. My photo shoot with Theresa Marie wasn’t just a shoot… it was an experience! The shoot was so special. I had a blast hanging out with my best friend Kait, my mom and Theresa. I felt like a model! Theresa made me feel completely comfortable in front of the camera and helped me every step of the way with my hair, posture, and more.

My photos were absolutely perfect! Before I saw my images, I never realized how much one photo can say. Theresa captured moments that I will treasure forever. Her keen eye for creativity, appreciation for all things unique and her outstanding photography expertise cannot be replicated!

Choose Theresa Marie because you definitely won’t be disappointed! :)”


I wanted my photos to show my personality and spirit and Theresa Marie captured that.

“My senior photo shoot experience with ‘Theresa Marie’ was incredible! I had so much fun preparing for the shoot as well as during the shoot. Theresa Marie made me feel so comfortable and made it easier for me to be myself in front of the camera.

Before the shoot, I was so excited but nervous at the same time because the weather was starting to get colder and I had no idea what to wear or how to do my hair but once I figured that out I just felt excited! During the shoot I had so much fun and that is what I wanted because I wanted my photos to show my personality and spirit and Theresa Marie captured that. Especially in the candid shots where I am laughing at something or she told a classic joke or she tried to get me to loosen up and have fun.

I chose ‘Theresa Marie’ because my sister did her senior photos through her and her photos came out fantastic and all she could do when she came back from her shoot was rave about what a great time she had. That is exactly what I did too! I raved about my experience and basically fan-girled over the photos when I saw them. Other seniors should choose ‘Theresa Marie’ because she makes you feel like you are out for a night out on the town and you just happen to be getting your photo taken in the process. Any senior, boy or girl, will have so much fun during the shoot and will remember the memories of it in even more detail because you will have candid photos of it.”




"Couldn’t have picked a sweeter photographer."

“I am very proud of my senior pictures. I am not big on taking pictures, so we wanted someone who could take simple pictures, and not overwhelm me too much. Theresa Marie was the perfect person for the job!

My experience was amazing! Theresa is so sweet, couldn’t have picked a sweeter photographer. I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all, she helped me a lot to figure out how to pose and what face to make, so I didn’t feel so awkward. My pictures turned out amazing! Didn’t know I could look that good in a photo!

Theresa Marie: thank you thank you! Never was looking forward to taking senior pictures, but so glad I did it. You made this experience an unforgettable one. I’ve got two younger sisters, so hopefully you’ll still be taking pictures in Tampa, and can have three sets of Gardner girls senior pics :)”