I believe that you should have artwork in your home and heirloom keepsakes to pass down that represent this huge milestone. Whether you’re reading this as a senior or a parent, these images are going to be priceless when you’re old and wrinkly (no offense, 80 year olds. Im a big fan of your age). Wall portraits and tangible keepsakes are timeless, always have been and always will be.

Why do I do this? Because Ive been there. Like you, I want more out of my senior photos. When I was in high school, the ONLY option we had for our senior pictures was the traditional high volume studio contracted by the school. My photos looked just like everyone else’s and they did nothing for my personality or style. I can never go back and do it over and now I’m stuck with embarrassingly boring prints from my senior year.

You deserve better than that.
Dont you dare settle.

Ultimately, I’m here to give you my absolute best because that’s the only thing I know. From the first phone call to guiding you in choosing the perfect artwork for your home – Im going to be by your side each step of the way.

I would absolutely love to meet you and I can not wait to welcome you to the TM family.



Im a proud dog mom. This little bunny is the center of my universe. Her name is Aly and she's 13 years young. I don't know what I would do without her.


I'm madly in love with my best friend and high school sweetheart. We’re about to celebrate 19 years together and we met on the school bus in middle school.

I'm a child at heart trapped in an adult's body. Side effects are: obsession with everything Disney and Harry Potter. I wear my butterbeer mustache proud.

Cant get enough of BOOKS! I love getting lost in other worlds or learning stuff that school could never teach me. If you have a goodreads account, lets be friends!

I AM...

+ aware that dory is my spirit animal because my memory is not one of my strengths
+ a fan of sushi, crushed ice, sweet tea, movies, laughing hard til my sides hurt, rainy days and starry nights.
+ obsessed with books. I especially love reading tangible books with actual pages
+ a quick study, I pick things up fast and I like to figure stuff out on my own.
+ often wishing for more time to read books, travel the country, travel the world, expand my knowledge and just exist.
+ sometimes randomly dancing in my kitchen or my car or wherever.
+ always grateful for the little things in life.
+ a firm believer in the magic of the universe and positive thinking.
+ best described as silly, open-minded, creative, sentimental, passionate, stubborn, and incredibly enthusiastic.
+ a perfectionist. an over-achiever.