Avery :: Kansas Senior Class of 2016

Meet Avery who came all the way from Kansas for her senior shoot…

“We were all very hesitant at first that we were going to take my senior pictures (a huge milestone in my life) all the way in Florida! We had never heard of anyone from around where I live going to the Clearwater area for pictures so we had no idea where to even start! I got online to look around and as soon as I saw Theresa’s pictures and how amazing they were I knew she was going to be the one!

There are no words to explain how truly amazing my experience was. Theresa was so uplifting and made me feel beautiful in front of the camera! My absolute favorite part was how I didn’t even feel like I was taking pictures at times, we were having so much fun!

It was such an amazing experience; I would not have changed a single thing! She will capture every quirk possible of yours to remember your entire life. Theresa Marie does so much more than just take pictures, she captures your inner and outer beauty! She taught to be my own kind of beautiful!

Theresa, I could never thank you enough for everything. I wish so badly we could’ve came to the studio for the order appointment and pickup.. But I can’t wait to see all my amazing pieces! I hope to someday see you again!”

My role models are:
My role models would be my parents! They do everything they possibly can to make sure my sister and I get to do and have what we want. I hope someday I can be as amazing of a parent to my kids as my parents are to me!

my DREAM job would be:
To be a nurse!

one thing I couldnt live without:
My phone and my family

My favorite book or magazine:
I love the Hunger Games series and the Divergent series! I also love any books by Nicholas Sparks!

5 things on my life bucket list are:
To travel to as many places over sea as possible, be the coolest parents to my kids someday, and to live a happy life with my soulmate!

something I have too much of:
Clothes and shoes!!

a movie that makes me happy:
Dolphin Tale

TV show I’m currently addicted to:
The bachelorette

a movie that makes me cry:
The Fault in Our Stars

mac or pc:

my favorite place to shop is:
The mall

my favorite snack foods are:
Any fruit!

if I inherited a million bucks today, I would:
Save enough to pay off my entire college expenses, buy myself a new car, give my parents a little, and to just save up for a rainy day!

my favorite color is:
Teal or turquoise

my favorite high school memory is:
Making it to state in both volleyball and basketball my freshmen year!