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Alexa | Palm Harbor University Class of 2014

Please meet Alexa who is a graduating senior from Palm Harbor University High School…

“I was a bit hesitant to get my pictures taken because I never really liked being in front of the camera. However, my mom found Theresa Marie online while searching for photographers and we both liked not only the quality of the pictures we saw on her website, but how friendly Theresa was.

My experience with Theresa Marie was great. I loved the variety of outfits and locations that I was able to do with her, it really helped me get comfortable taking pictures. I have to say my favorite part about the shoot was when we were near the pink flowers in downtown Palm Harbor. Theresa really knows the best places to get pictures taken!

I was absolutely amazed when I saw my images! I loved everything about them – the poses the locations etc. It was truly amazing to see them. Theresa Marie really puts emphasis on the senior during the experience. She got to know who I am and what I was comfortable with. That made the pictures even more personal and special.”


my DREAM job would be:
A teacher. And I don’t mean that in the typical, school education sense. I mean it in a way that I want to be able to teach anybody of any age skills and knowledge that will truly help them later in life. This is why I want to be a speech therapist.

if I inherited a million bucks today, I would:
Use the money to pay off family debts and for college funds. I would save some of it for later life and for my children. Hmm, charity (specifically for food, health, and education), travel. I would want to get exotic food, and use the money for living purposes.

my favorite place to shop is:
Forever 21 and Staples (I’m crazy over supply stores I’m not really sure why)

my favorite snack foods are:
Popcorn and fruit.


something I have too much of:
Blankets/pillows/stuffed animals. I will always want more comfort.

TV show I’m currently addicted to:
Teen Wolf and The Vampire Diaries

a movie that makes me happy:
We’re the Miller’s

a movie that makes me cry:
I cry soo much – just at anything lol. I’ve cried at movies such as Ghost, Divergent, The Hunger Games, Rent (this one was the worst I think), What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. I even sob watching Teen Wolf. So idk I’m just really emotional with everything.


my favorite color is:
ahhh this is hard. I’m sorry I can’t pick just one. My favorite pallet is a light blue, blush pink, and a pale gray.

one thing I couldnt live without:
My blanket. It’s green and white crochet. I’ve had it since I was two. Over the years it’s split and so now I have about 4 or 5 different parts to it. 1 part I gave to my boyfriend. My blanket always comforts me. I like to rub my fingers on it, especially in the morning. It’s kind of like my contact comfort.

my favorite book or magazine:
Books: The Curable Romantic, The Harry Potter Series, The Hunger Games, Kafka on the Shore, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep.
Magazines: Psychology Today, The Scientific American, National Geographic

my favorite high school memory is:
Going to Coastline Festival, an indie music concert series in Tampa. I was with a few good, but not necessarily really close, friends, but there I felt really free and happy experiencing music that got me through my first two years of high school. During that time I was fighting with my boyfriend, and although I love being with him, I just will always remember the immense joy I felt at being away from it all and surrounded by the exciting live music of Passion Pit and Matt and Kim. I’ve been to many concerts but that was by far my most favorite and really the only one I truly danced to.

What would be the THEME SONG to your life?
Intro – The XX

5 things on my life bucket list are:
Go to London again, visit Portland and India, go to a major EDM concert/festival, help somebody hear/communicate, learn sign language