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Style Study: Lauren

The kind of study you actually want to read about! We’re interviewing our most stylish seniors for details and advice on choosing wardrobe for your senior photo shoot.

Subject: Lauren W. 
High School: East Lake High School


Photographer’s notes: why it works…
Layers are my favorite and a hood to frame your face is dreamy for any portrait. Blue is one of the best colors to photograph, it really pops and looks amazing in almost any surrounding, especially when it brings out your eyes like it does for Lauren. I love the urban simplicity of her grey tee, typography is so elegantly understated. And finally, the long necklace is PERFECT to give something for your hands to do and Lauren nailed it!!


dark blue jeans: American Eagle / red top: Marshalls / vintage brown booties: Pay less / Pearl & Heart Necklace: Icing

Photographer’s notes: why it works
I really love the subtle layers that Lauren’s top has at the bottom. I about freaked when I saw those mad men-esque brown booties! This whole look had an intellectual vibe, especially with her black frame glasses. They gave her something to do with her hands and made for a cute detail when we took them off.


Dark Blue Jeans: American Eagle / pink floral top: Tj Maxx / light pink knitted sweater: Tj Maxx / Pearl & Heart Necklace: Icing / Nude Pumps: Payless

Photographer’s notes: why it works…
Hello girl next door! Lauren did such a great job pairing these tones, I mean, EVEN HER NAILS MATCH! <insert heart eyes emoji here> This look is so comfortable yet classy. I LOVE the texture of her knit sweater; how we were able to give her hands something to do by pulling it closed (which again, she nailed) and how it flowed down past her blouse and hugged her body. Her pearl necklace adds interest, subtle details do so much for an image. Then her classic nude heels top everything off to really dress up the jeans. 


What made you choose these outfits for your shoot?
I wanted ensembles that displayed not only the different parts of my wardrobe but my quirky personality as well. The first outfit wasn’t actually planned! I wore it to the studio for hair and make up and TM loved it and wanted to work with it, so we did! I wanted to choose clothing that was fashionable and super cute but modest as well. I am a huge advocate for modesty and inner beauty so it was essential for me to pick outfits that not only expressed my personality and highlighted my natural features but preserved my values as well.

What did you love about these outfits? How did you feel wearing them?
To be totally honest, I adored these outfits because I felt like me and it was great! These ensembles are ones that I would wear on a daily basis so it was really awesome to embrace my style in a “trend setting” way haha. Primarily, I loved that these outfits were comfy! I tend to describe my style and Cute n’ Comfy and thats exactly what it was. I really loved that each outfit had a central color piece like the blue jacket or red top that really made the look pop!

Do you have any tips to share for shopping/prepping for a senior shoot:
Well, my first piece of advice is to not break your bank buying all new clothes. I personally didn’t spend a cent on any new clothes; but I did invest in some hair spray (I seriously have the straightest hair ever haha). You already have your best looks in your closet so design some outfits and hold a mini fashion show for your mom! (I guarantee she’ll love it) And by the way Theresa is not only a bomb photographer but an amazing stylist as well, she has a fantastic eye for fashion and can help you class up any look! My second piece of advice in prepping for a shoot would be to embrace spontaneity. Don’t panic about trying to get every location or worry about the weather. Some of my best shots were last minute/random idea shots! So relax and fun!

Tiffany :: East Lake Senior Class of 2015

Meet Tiffany who graduated from East Lake High School…

“I was hesitant about the entire senior photoshoot itself. I’ve never really been good in front of a camera because I don’t know what to do with myself. My family and I also knew how pricey senior photos could be, which made us even more hesitant. We chose Theresa Marie because we fell in love with her work. Her ability to capture all kinds of personalities showed through the beautiful photos featured on her website.

My overall experience with Theresa Marie was just as amazing as her! She made me feel so comfortable and genuinely good about myself. Theresa does a great job at bringing out the best in people and it shows in the photos! My favorite part was the actual shoot because I felt like a model for the day. It was definitely an experience to remember.

When I first saw my images I fell in love with them. They were so perfect, and Theresa did a fabulous job at capturing my true colors!

I wouldn’t have change a single thing about my experience. Everything was perfect! From the preparation for the shoot to the very end, I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. I would recommend Theresa Marie to any senior! She is amazing at what she does and is such a sweet person! Theresa truly cares for her clients and it shows through every photo she captures of them! I can’t thank her enough for the amazing experience & photos!! Choose Theresa Marie & you’ll fall in love with your senior experience just like I did! You won’t regret it!! :)”

My role models are:
My biggest role model would have to be my parents, they have done so much to give me a good life & I could only hope to be as good as them when it comes time for me to have a family.

5 things on my life bucket list are:
1. To travel the world
2. To go skydiving
3. To help the homeless and bring them joy during the winter holidays
4. To go to Bora Bora

something I have too much of:

one thing I couldnt live without:
My friends and family
favorite book or magazine:
My favorite magazine is Seventeen.

my favorite snack foods are:
Granola bars & gummy bears

my favorite color is:
Tiffany blue

mac or pc:

a movie that makes me happy:
The Blind Side

a movie that makes me cry:
The Blind Side

TV show I’m currently addicted to:
Pretty Little Liars

my favorite place to shop is:
Abercrombie & Fitch

if I inherited a million bucks today, I would:
Buy my parents a nice house so they wouldn’t have to work anymore

my DREAM job would be:
My dream job would be an Event Planner

my favorite high school memory is:
It would have to be homecoming week with all of my friends and playing powderpuff as a homecoming week tradition