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Anna :: Pennsylvania Senior Class of 2016

Meet Anna who is a high school senior all the way from Pennsylvania…

“I wasn’t sure where I wanted my senior portraits to be taken, and I wasn’t sure if the senior photographer that I’d choose would be able to capture the real me. I chose Theresa Marie because her images were breathtaking and real– they were images that seemed to capture perfect moments of each and every senior. I was nervous because I had never taken photos like this before, especially a lot of them! I wanted to be comfortable and Theresa made me feel like I was at a home away from home.

Theresa made me feel extremely welcome and appreciated. She made my nerves disappear and I soon became excited moments after meeting her for the first time. I loved playing music and just being myself, taking photos while I rocked out and laughed and smiled a lot. Theresa really encouraged the real me to shine through!

 My images exceeded my expectations in so many ways! I was in awe! I was so happy with what was produced. My favorite image was captured with my ukulele on the beach, which signifies such an importance of music in my life.

Theresa Marie will make your senior portrait experience worth the while! She is so personable and made me feel (and look) like a superstar! She made me feel so special with my senior picture experience. I couldn’t have asked for a better time!  Thank you so much!”

What would be the THEME SONG to your life? (include the artist)
It would probably be Follow Your Arrow by Kacey Musgraves. This song is just an anthem to completely be yourself & express what you really believe no matter what anyone else says.

Who are your role models and why?
Definitely my parents — they’ve been through so much and have done so much for me. One of my best friends, Michaela, who just graduated from high school (a year ahead of me) because she has nurtured me from the very beginnings of our friendship when we were 7 and 8 years old.

my favorite book or magazine is:
I loved Eat, Pray, Love simply because it was such an adventure and self-discovery book & it made me laugh and cry and be happy.

If you had to listen to ONE station on Pandora until the end of time what would it be?
Your Favorite Coffeehouse — I adore the acoustic covers of recently released alternative songs

5 things on my life bucket list are:
1. Master fingerpicking on the guitar. 2. Learn how to speak Spanish. 3. Live in NYC for longer than a week. 4. Go white-water rafting. 5. Adopt a child.

a movie that makes me happy:
Safe Haven

TV show I’m currently addicted to:
Pretty Little Liars (& I’m not ashamed to admit it)

a movie that makes me cry:
White Christmas (it’s just a really happy ending)

mac or pc:
Mac 100%

my favorite place to shop is:
TJ Maxx & the Gap

my favorite snack foods are:
Grapes and Wheat Thins

my favorite color is:

one thing I couldnt live without:
Sheetz frozen lattes

something I have too much of:
SHOES…..(even my mom agrees)

if I inherited a million bucks today, I would:
probably be dreaming – ha-ha!

my favorite high school memory is:
Pulling an all-nighter (almost) after waking up at 7am on a Friday without school, going out to eat with my council members, decorating for prom all day, going to prom that night, then taking prom down, returning our supplies that night to the school at midnight Friday night, and going straight to Relay for Life at the high school stadium and staying up pretty much the entire night with my friends.

my DREAM job would be:
TO BE A TEACHER and just work with little kids the rest of my life and inspire them to learn and play music and sing.