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Emily :: Michigan Senior Class of 2016

Meet Emily who came all the way from Michigan for her senior photo shoot…


“I chose Theresa Marie because I always wanted my senior pictures on the beach. My cousin Hannah had them done by Theresa Marie and they looked absolutely stunning!

I loved going to all the beaches and feeling like a superstar for the day, going everywhere we went. When I first saw my images, I was shocked! They looked amazing and I couldn’t ask for anything better.

Everyone should go get their pictures done with Theresa Marie. You will have an amazing fun experience and you will end up with amazing results in the end!”

My role model is:
My Mom because she is a strong woman and sets a good example for how to live my life

My favorite book is:
The best of me by Nicholas Sparks

If I had to listen to ONE station on Pandora until the end of time, it would be:

my favorite high school memory is:
Fun times with friends

5 things on my life bucket list are:
1. Skydiving
2. Travel the world
3. Body piercings. I already have some
4. Tattoo
5. Swimming in Jacob’s well in Texas

my DREAM job would be:
Dog trainer

one thing I couldn’t live without:
My dog, my friends, and my family

my favorite color is:

a movie that makes me happy:

TV show I’m currently addicted to:

a movie that makes me cry:
The fault in our stars

mac or pc:

my favorite place to shop is:
The mall

Hannah :: Michigan Senior Class of 2015

Meet Hannah who came in all the way from Michigan for her Senior photo shoot…

“I’d always wanted my pictures done by the water and my family was planning a trip to Clearwater, so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get my senior pictures done. I started looking up different photographers in the Tampa and Clearwater area and I came across Theresa Marie. I’m so glad i did because I instantly fell in love with all of her images. I could really tell that she loves what she does and that she genuinely cares for her seniors.

My photo shoot could not have gone any better. I was so excited and Theresa Marie made me feel super comfortable in front of the camera. I felt like a superstar and that’s how you should feel. Oh my gosh, when I saw my images I was speechless! I loved every single one she showed me, they were better than I ever imagined they would be.

Overall, being a TM senior is so special and I will never forget it. This experience exceeded all of my expectations. Thank you so much Theresa Marie!”

 My role models are:
My mom for sure! She is the strongest, sweetest, most outgoing person you will ever meet and she always has a smile on her face. I hope that I will be able to give my family everything just like she does.

5 things on my life bucket list are:
Scuba diving, road trip with my friends, see a shooting star, travel around the world, and have a paint fight.

one thing I couldnt live without:
My bed! I love to sleep

my favorite color is:
Light Purple

TV show I’m currently addicted to:
Law and Order SVU

my favorite snack foods are:
Fruit and Oreos!

something I have too much of:
NAIL POLISH! I always have to have a fresh coat of polish on my nails

if I inherited a million bucks today, I would:
Pay for college, take my family on vacation, and save the rest for the future (house, car, kids)

mac or pc:

my favorite place to shop is:
Express or Target

a movie that makes me happy:
I love so many movies but some of my favorites are Finding Nemo, 17 Again, and Easy A!

a movie that makes me cry:
Im such a crier when it comes to movies. I recently watched The Fault in our Stars and i cried the whole time

my favorite high school memory is:
Spending alot of time with my friends and going to homecoming dances and prom

my DREAM job would be:
Thats such a hard question… Right now i want to be an optometrist ( but that could change)