Shaina :: Wisconsin Senior Class of 2016



Meet Shaina who traveled all the way from Wisconsin just for her senior photos…

“I’m from Wisconsin, so my family’s biggest hesitation was the distance and how Theresa and I would communicate about my senior photos. We had very minimal face to face meetings. Although we had limited time together, Theresa made it very easy for us to communicate and talk via email and the phone. The price of her photography also made my parent’s hesitant, but Theresa definitely made it worth it!

I chose Theresa Marie because I fell in love with her photos that I’ve seen on her blog! I could not stop stalking her website, it was literally perfect. Her photos looked so natural and not too edited. Theresa easily captured not only the person, but their personality. I loved working with Theresa Marie! She made me feel so comfortable when she was taking the photos. I didn’t feel self conscious or anything. What I love the most about her is that she alters the photography session and the reveal based off my interests. Theresa Marie let me make my decisions and she helped guide me too.

My favorite part was the reveal, I was literally speechless. It was fun, looking through the photos and designing my photo heirloom. I did not believe it was me at all. I felt good about myself, and that’s what I love about Theresa Marie. She made me feel beautiful, which is what made my experience with her special. I wouldn’t have change anything! The preparation, the shoot, and the reveal was perfect. She did everything she could to make my family and I happy with my senior photos. She exceeded beyond my family and I’s expectations.

I would recommend everyone to get their senior photos taken by Theresa Marie because she does everything she can to make you feel comfortable and happy with not only your photos, but the experience itself. It’s not all about the photos, it’s about the preparation. Theresa Marie was not only my photographer, but she was also a great friend. She didn’t even like my photographer, that’s how comfortable I was with her! I am so blessed to have worked with someone so talented. Theresa Marie truly captures the personality and emotion in the photos, and I could not be anymore content with how everything turned out. I had such a great experience and I wish I could relive my experience with her!”

My role model is:
My mother for sure! She has gone a long way from where she has come from. Many people, even her family, doubted her when she was young. But she proved them wrong and succeeded. She is the main reason why I am here today in America, all thanks to her hard work and I could not be anymore thankful for what she has given me.

My favorite books and magazine are:
My favorite magazine is Cosmopolitan. My favorite books are Looking for Alaska, Before I Fall, and the Secret Life of Bees

If I had to listen to ONE station on Pandora until the end of time, it would be:
The OneRepublic station. Or the Disney station!

My favorite color is:
Bright coral

5 things on my life bucket list are:
1) Go scuba diving in the tropical waters
2) Travel the world (Greece, Morocco, Australia, France, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Dubai.. Just to name a few!)
3) Own a paint studio
4) Ride a camel
5) Attend a masquerade ball

If I inherited a million bucks today, I would:
Travel every corner of the world

One thing I couldnt live without:
My phone

mac or pc:
Mac.. But I own a PC unfortunately

A movie that makes me happy:
13 Going on 30 or What a Girl Wants

TV show I’m currently addicted to:
Friends, Gossip Girl

A movie that makes me cry:
Dear John

My favorite place to shop is:
Urban Outfitters, Hollister, Vineyard Vines

My favorite snack foods are:
Gardettos and chocolate covered strawberries

My DREAM job would be:
To become an interior designer

My favorite high school memory is:
Besides the football games, I think my favorite high school memory was celebrating Summerfest (Milwaukee Music Festival) with my closest friends. We were so carefree, and we were friends with literally everyone. We met so many new people and I became closer to those who I already knew.