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About Trendsetters...

Trendsetters are a small group of girls selected from the Tampa Bay area to represent the boutique Theresa Marie Brand.
 But it's so much more than just "modeling" for pretty pictures...

Think brand spokesmodel meets sorority. 

Being a Trendsetter is about building bonds, building confidence and being part of something special during high school while taking part in meet-ups and shoots then telling the world about it.

You will not find anything like this in the Tampa Bay area. 


"I created 'Trendsetters' because over the years, many of the #theresamarieseniors clients have become like family but we only see each other a couple times after their senior shoot then they graduate and are off to college! In addition, I had so many people telling me they wish they had heard about the 'Theresa Marie Experience' before it was too late! So I designed a program where not only would seniors be introduced much earlier but we'd have all year to hangout, spread kindness and do other styled shoots leading up to their epic BIG DAY! (their senior photo shoot.)

My goal is to be the highlight of their high school career, help them cultivate friendships that will feel like a family and provide an experience that leaves them feeling so much more confident & empowered than they'd get from just one day with me."

                  -xo, Theresa Marie


Are you trendsetter material?

You do not have to be a model, have modeling experience or have a certain 'look'.
We want POSITIVE, AMBITIOUS & FRIENDLY girls in our squad. 
We're looking for role models not runway models. 


you may be trendsetter material if:

  • you actively engage on social media but put the phone down when you're with friends except for when the camera is open!

  • you'd be excited to post photos from both shoots and hangouts with your Trendsetter squad shouting out Theresa Marie

  • you love random acts of kindness & have a grateful & giving spirit

  • you enjoy making new friends and live in a judgement free zone

  • you love telling other people about the great things you discover in order to make their lives better

  • you have good communication skills

  • you understand the value of quality senior photos and tangible keepsakes

  • you aren’t afraid to step outside your comfort zone and try something new!

TM Trendsetters are the girls who wouldn't want any one else but Theresa Marie to photograph them and want to be FIRST



- No referrals required! TM Trendsetters is not a "senior model" sales program where you're expected to sell to friends to get referrals. (though TM does show gratitude when friends mention you sent them!) 
- This is not about modeling for as many shoots as possible. 
- TM Trendsetters is a no-drama zone. We're not about bullying, negativity, or exclusion.  


The trendsetter experience is a great way to explore new possibilities and discover new things about yourself. Personally, I have gained a significant amount of confidence and I have had the opportunity of working with many amazing people who I can not only call friends, but family. We are able to do so many fun things through out the year that will last a lifetime. I had such an amazing experience throughout this year and would love to continue being a trendsetter for next year. This opportunity has opened new doors for me and I want to thank you for what you have done for not only me, but all of us.
— Madison R., 2017 + 2018 team


Trendsetter Perks

what you put into it is exactly what you will get out of it.


the photoshoots

In addition to your personal senior/demi shoot, you will become 'Trendsetter official' at our introductory Trendsetter shoot and will get to be part of an exclusive concept group shoot.  There's also the possibility of being rewarded with additional pop-up concept shoots for Trendsetters to contribute to planning & styling. 


As a Trendsetter you will have the chance to be featured in Teen Tampa Magazine! Many of Theresa Marie’s images are used in the publication and TM Trendsetters are the first to receive Casting Call details for Teen Tampa editorial shoots! *being selected for casting calls is not guaranteed due to limited space.  

Being an Influencer

You've heard the terms "Brand Ambassador" or "Social Media Influencer"... well now you get to be one! Not only will you be one of the faces of the Theresa Marie brand for 2019 you'll take ownership of the brand as your own. You'll be posting your photos, stories and GENUINELY talking all about your experience with Theresa Marie on your accounts and boosting visibility with comments and shares, (no selling involved but rewards do come with resulting referrals).  


Character Reference letter for Scholarships as well as potential leadership, coordination and/or styling experience to add to college applications and sorority resumes.  

The Sisterhood…

 You'll be able create special bonds with people outside of your typical friend group, get support and advice from ladies of different ages with different perspectives. Because you won't just see each other at the shoots, you’ll have the opportunity to help coordinate other hangouts with your new squad through the entire year. Your future college roommate could be a Trendsetter! literally, its happened ^^ .


You'll be able to earn extra little rewards for going the extra mile. 
(and they're super easy things like assisting TM on shoots etc) 

and so much more...

TM Trendsetter T-shirt, Crown & Merch
Trendsetter hangouts like beach days, Random Acts of Kindness
Welcome Party and Send-off Party
Plenty of social media images from shoots
Option to upgrade to Destination shoot
Gain confidence and be empowered

You broke her out of her shell. Thank you so much for what you have done for her self confidence. There are no words...




  • Senior photo shoot & TM Experience

  • Pro Hair & Airbrush Makeup for Senior Shoot

  • Senior photo shoot consult

  • ALL the Trendsetter Perks until Graduation

*only $350 due at signing.




FOR CLASS OF 2021 & 2022

  • Demi photo shoot

  • $100 credit toward prints & products

  • ALL the Trendsetter Perks until Jan 2020

*DEMI shoot is 30 minutes


I didn’t have any hesitations about applying for Trendsetters; I knew it was exactly what I wanted to do. This experience in general has just made me a happier person. Without it, I believe I would still be where I was for the years before I did Trendsetters, insecure and unhappy with myself. I have become so much more confident and I have made so many new friends thanks to this experience and Theresa Marie
— Logan H., 2017 + 2018 TEAM


good to know

Being a TM Trendsetter will not require a huge time commitment ● Most events are planned for Sunday afternoons to accommodate as many schedules as possible ● Must attend a Tampa Bay Area high school to be eligible - Class of 2020, 2021, 2022 ● Senior Trendsetters will commit to Theresa Marie for their senior portraits & keepsakes ● Trendsetters will exclusively promote Theresa Marie for the year and are loyal to Theresa Marie; working with any other pro/aspiring photographers is not permitted (exception for school photos) ● 


it's your turn


You have nothing to lose and SO much to gain! Don’t wait to apply, limited spots available. Trendsetters are chosen based on enthusiasm, character & social presence.

● get permission from the parental units before applying pretty please ●

applications close june 30th