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Do more than belong: participate. Do more than care: help. Do more than believe: practice. Do more than be fair: be kind. Do more than forgive: forget. Do more than dream: work.


 ─  Trendsetter Orientation  ─



Trendsetter Perks

what you put into it is exactly what you will get out of it.


the photoshoots
The Sisterhood…
Being an Influencer
Secret rewards


As a Trendsetter you will have the chance to be featured in Teen Tampa Magazine!
TM Trendsetters are the first to receive Casting Call details for Teen Tampa editorial shoots!
*being selected for casting calls is not guaranteed due to limited space.

and so much more...

TM Trendsetter T-shirt & Goodies
Plenty of social Media images from shoots
Gain confidence and be empowered



the photoshoots


As a Trendsetter you get to be part of some awesome shoots with Theresa Marie! The shoots are set up through out the year to help you share your images and your experience on social media and word of mouth. 


INTRO shoot

This is where you become trendsetter official! Everyone will hang out and plan ideas for the year while Theresa Marie takes headshots of each Trendsetter then group photos of the 2018 squad!


GROUP shoot

This is where we style and coordinate a fashion inspired concept shoot for the whole squad in late Spring. We're going to choose the concept together and collaborate on the location, styling, props etc. You'll get at least 5 web-ready images to share with everyone!  Participation: Trendsetters are expected to make their best effort to contribute to styling by collecting the best accessories and props to make the vision come to life! 


POP-UP shoots

Throughout the year there may be opportunities for additional styled pop up shoots! 

How pop up shoots work:
● a reward for activity (ex: 3 girls available on x date + with the most secret reward cards)

● Trendsetters sign up for the leadership opportunity to plan and coordinate a styled shoot, TM helps with ideas/mood board but just shows up to shoot/edit

● When TM is inspired for something creative and the shoot would require themed styling/props you can opt-in to join for a small fee just to cover expenses. ex: super fun styled New Years Eve shoot that would cost about $60 to produce so the expenses would be divided by the amount of girls wanting to opt-in to the shoot. (paid in advance, min of 3 participants)   



Each Trendsetter gets their own personal shoot, this is essentially what you booked early to get all these perks! You get your 1-on-1 time with Theresa Marie in front of her camera that you deserve to walk away from this experience with amplified confidence and self-worth. 

● Class of 2019 Seniors will get the whole "Princess" experience including an in-person consultation to plan your dream shoot! This will be your big day!! (must be before October 2018) 

●For sophomores and freshmen this will be your DEMI shoot. You'll get 30 minutes in front of the camera and there is so much TM can do in 30 minutes just in and around the studio! 


DESTINATION shoot upgrade

If you have Wanderlust like TM you'll love this opportunity!

Together we can choose a Location to travel to for a one of a kind Destination shoot experience. There are great road trip locations within Florida like Miami and St. Augustine and Savannah, GA is just 5 hours away!
Or we can fly to destinations like Chicago, NYC, Nashville, Atlanta etc! 

● Destination shoot upgrade will require a minimum of 3 girls and upgrade would range between $250-500. 
● You would arrange travel and accommodations with a parent and simply meet Theresa Marie at the destination to jam pack as many locations & looks within destination
● Destination shoot would take place either June or July. 




the sisterhood


 We won't just see each other at the shoots, there will be many opportunities to be able create special bonds with people outside of your typical friend group, get support and advice from ladies of different ages with different perspectives. You’ll even have the opportunity to help coordinate other hangouts with your new squad through the entire year.


✦ Trendsetter Kickoff 

  • Where it all begins!
  • This will be our first official gathering Sunday February 11th at 3pm. 
  • Everyone becomes Trendsetter official with their TM Trendsetter Tee. 
  • First of many times in front of Theresa Marie's camera for headshots
  • Bring your favorite thing you can't live without - besides your phone! 
  • We'll dream up our group shoot, sign up for leadership opportunities
  • We'll also play some games and chat about our summer Destination location! 

✦ Holiday Soiree

  • It's our bittersweet end of the year send off celebration
  • We'll have a cookie exchange and a super fun gift exchange
  • Sip hot cocoa and reflect on our year together. 

✦Trendsetter Hangouts

  • I have SUPER fun things planned for two Random Acts of Kindness Days
  • Friendsgiving Potluck Sunday November 4th
  • Then additional hangouts if coordinated by Trendsetters who signed up for Leadership opportunities. Possible ideas: 
    • Trendsetter Game Night!
    • Halloween Pumpkin Carving/Painting & Smore's
    • Christmas cookie baking & decorating day for RAK
    • Clothing or Book swap (whatever's left we donate) 
    • Coffee Talks
    • Painting Party
    • Favorite Things Party
    • Happy Mail RAK Crafting day
    • Fundraisers (Glam Camp) 


EVENTS outline

  • FEB 11th: Trendsetter Kickoff
  • Late Spring: Trendsetter Group shoot
  • June: Teen Demi Shoots & Senior Shoot Consults 
  • Summer: Destination shoot option
  • Summer: Random acts of Kindness Days
  • NOV 4th: Friendsgiving
  • DEC 9th: Holiday Soiree

Most of our events are planned for Sunday afternoons to accommodate as many schedules as possible. It important to come to as many events as you can and arrive with enthusiasm to get the most out of your experience, but no event is mandatory. Your experience is really what you make it!



leadership opportunities


I fully understand that your generation is full of potential just waiting to be unleashed. This is the perfect opportunity to get creative, get a feel for what its like to be in a sorority organizing activities for your sisters and get experience to add to your resume. The Theresa Marie boutique studio doors are always open to Trendsetters for anything your hearts desire. 

You'll also be able to receive a Character Reference letter from Theresa Marie for Scholarships. by request


    This would mean styling shoot with moodboard
    bringing props etc to make the vision come to life
    arranging location
    tracking who's coming etc

    This would mean arranging location (if TM studio isn't the best option)
    coordinating supplies
    tracking who's coming etc

    This would mean coming up with an idea to spread kindness
    Organizing a way for Trendsetters to do that together.
    ie. Happy Mail Hangout (crafting, addressing & sending out)



influencer & rewards

✦ being an INFLUENCER


You've heard the terms "Brand Ambassador" or "Social Media Influencer"... well now you get to be one!
An Influencer is someone who is chosen to share their experience with a brand, naturally, to their social media followers and friends. 

You'll be posting your photos and GENUINELY talking all about your experience with Theresa Marie.

  • taking behind the scenes pics at a shoot to post
  • posting images from our shoots
  • taking photos of what we're doing at our hangouts to share 
  • posting a group selfie to share about how excited you are for one of our upcoming events
  • Basically treating everything we do like you're at an epic concert ; ) 

An Influencer exclusively works with brands they love and for that reason all Trendsetters will only work with and be photographed by Theresa Marie for the duration of the agreement. No other photographers either practicing or professional (except school photos.

No selling involved! Trendsetters do not have to sell to their friends or make their friends book but Theresa Marie absolutely shows gratitude for word of mouth referrals. Trendsetters will also be able to offer senior friends a bonus gift for their senior shoot with Theresa Marie when they tell us you sent them.  



You’ll already be posting about the fun stuff we’ll be doing, why not get some perks for it? With winnings ranging from a slow motion high five to a mini bestie photo shoot, Secret Reward Cards are a lottery of prizes & surprises. (TM loves surprises!)


Do any of the following = 1 card. 

  • Leave a sincere comment (more than four words) on @theresamarie posts / 5x = 1 card
  • Wear your Tshirt to school on #theresamarietuesday & post a photo to Instagram with hashtag!
  • Snapchat from our event *mentioning Theresa Marie Trendsetters in the caption* (Limit 1 per month)
  • Post about hangout or group shoot
  • Assist TM on a senior shoot
  • Coordinate/plan an event/hangout/meetup for Trendsetters team
  • Sign up to come early to help organize / set up at Trendsetters event
  • Sign up to stay and help clean up after Trendsetters event
  • Insta post professing your love for Theresa Marie haha jk 

Every time we get together, TM will make it rain Secret Reward Cards.

The only thing you need to do is screenshot or take a pic when you do a thing from the Secret Reward Card list and keep them on your phone. (either favorites or in an album) Then show TM at the beginning of each meetup because TM forgets! 

It’s totally optional for bonus perks and really just about helping out and sharing good vibes about what the Trendsetters are up to! 





  • Senior photo shoot & TM Experience 
  •  Pro Hair & Airbrush Makeup for Senior Shoot 
  • Senior photo shoot consult
  • ALL the Trendsetter Perks until Graduation

*only $350 required at signing.




FOR CLASS OF 2020 & 2021

  • Demi photo shoot 
  • $100 credit toward prints & products
  • ALL the Trendsetter Perks until Dec 2018

*DEMI shoot is 30 minutes


Earn a bonus

 Family Shoot

These are the final days together before college, when is the last time you had a nice family portrait?

By pre-paying $1200 toward your senior order before your shoot! Complete in one payment or choose the auto-pay monthly installments



expectations & policies


These are some of the expectations for Trendsetters as outlined in the application you completed: 

  • TM Trendsetters must have exclusive loyalty to Theresa Marie Brand & may not model for, promote or be associated with any other photographer, aspiring photographer or studio. (exception for school photos)

  • Trendsetters will commit to Theresa Marie for their senior portraits & keepsakes
  • Trendsetters should represent Theresa Marie and the Trendsetter squad in a classy and professional manner and always be positive, kind and encouraging in all interactions with Theresa Marie Trendsetters.
  • Trendsetters are expected to put forth their best effort into the program: try their best to attend most Trendsetter events, stay active in group chats & participate in the opportunities TM provides with enthusiasm.
  • Trendsetters are influencers/brand ambassadors for the Theresa Marie brand and genuinely sharing their events and experiences on Instagram is an important part of their commitment and continuation in the program.

There will be two simple steps to officially sign on as a Trendsetter after you are accepted:

  1. Submit the booking retainer of $325

  2. Sign the Trendsetter Agreement which includes what media refers to as a model release. (also signed by Parent/Guardian)

The policies included on the agreement are outlined below: 
click to read


    • The Trendsetter term will conclude Winter 2018 or the Graduating Senior’s official graduation from high school.
    • The Trendsetter shall actively participate and respond to all communications by Theresa Marie in a timely manner. Failure to do so may result in dismissal from the Trendsetter program and shall release Theresa Marie Photography from any further obligations. For the purposes of this subsection, timeliness shall be defined as 5 business days.
    • The Trendsetter shall fulfill all duties as outlined by this Agreement. Failure to do to so shall result in dismissal from the Trendsetter Agreement and the Trendsetter program and shall release Theresa Marie Photography from any further obligations. Theresa Marie Photography will retain full federal copyright of all images.
    • Trendsetters should actively participate in group discussions. Theresa Marie maintains a JUDGEMENT FREE ZONE always, tell me everything and anything. Eligibility for pop-up creative shoots are based on Trendsetters who are most actively participating in both social media and group activities.
    • Trendsetters are expected to actively post, comment and participate on social media outlets as part of Trendsetters duties. To qualify for secret reward cards comments on @theresamarie feed must be 4 words or more (to support the instagram algorithm).
    • Events may be rescheduled or cancelled by Theresa Marie due to unfavorable weather, illness, family emergencies, or other unforeseen events. Events with attendance of less than 3 Trendsetters may be rescheduled. Trendsetters are encouraged but not expected to attend every single event.
    • Trendsetters will receive 3-5 web ready images for social media outlets from any shoot they participate in. The images may not be edited, cropped or altered in any way and must bear the Theresa Marie logo when posted online. All images and Trendetter related posts should include @theresamarie in the caption and #TMtrendsetters in the caption or comments.
    • Theresa Marie may use any images created under this contract for any purpose Theresa Marie deems suitable such as: studio samples, online & print marketing, submission for publishing, etc.
    • Anyone behaving in a way that does not reflect positively of their character or that of Theresa Marie will be promptly notified of removal from the team. If a Trendsetter or parent has a concern, they must bring the concern to Theresa Marie directly.
    • Negative behavior in the group chat is grounds for dismissal from the program. Theresa Marie and Trendsetters has a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for bullying in any format or setting. (Exclusion is a form of bullying and will be addressed if done within Trendsetters gatherings.)
    • ALL IMAGES ARE COPYRIGHTED. All images are the sole property of THERESA MARIE PHOTOGRAPHY and are protected by state and federal copyright laws. Images may not be copied, edited, cropped or altered in any way without written permission from THERESA MARIE PHOTOGRAPHY.





Q: How many Trendsetters are you accepting?

Good question, I actually had to ask myself this question a few times due to the incredible response to the Trendsetter Team! (Thank you!) The original plan was to have a maximum of 10-12 girls but I've been working on ways to include more Trendsetters so that number may grow this year!

Q: How much time is involved?

As with anything in life, you really get out of it what you put in but being a TM Trendsetter is not a huge time committment. Everyone is busy so we will not be having weekly meetups or anything; sometimes we'll get together twice in a month and sometimes we'll go a month without seeing each other.

Most of our events are planned for Sunday afternoons to accommodate as many schedules as possible. It's important to come to as many events as you can and arrive with enthusiasm to get the most out of your experience, but no event is mandatory.

Everything else will just be the typical commenting and posting on social media which you already spend time doing anyway and keeping up with our group chat which isn't anything more than you would already do with friends!

If you sign up for a leadership opportunity to coordinate a hangout, shoot or random acts of kindness then you will be giving a little extra effort for that resume experience. If you are very short on extra time, its probably best that you dont sign up for leadership opportunitiy because we do expect your best effort!

Q: What if I can't come to every event?

No worries, we totally understand that things like tournaments and family reunions cant be rescheduled! For other things that might be flexible, keep in mind that most of the things we do are one time only, if you miss a shoot opportunity there is no make-up day.

Q: Will there be any additional costs?

This depends on 3 things:

  1. If you are interested in participating in a Destination Shoot; yes, but this is optional - ranging $250-500
  2. If you are interested in the extra styled pop-up shoot opportunites like a New Years Eve shoot etc; yes, also optional - ranging $10-30
  3. What grade you are in:

-- Teen trendsetters are not expected to make any other purchases. Most Trendsetters do purchase prints and products from Demi shoot beyond the included print credit.

-- Signing on as a Senior Trendsetter includes the Full Senior shoot experience & Senior Trendsetters are expected to purchase custom artwork from that shoot at their ordering appointment as normal. More details can be found on the artwork page.

Q: How will I know I made the team?

Hopefully, Mom and Dad keep the secret and allow me to surprise you!

Q: I have a question you didnt cover.

Please don't hesitate to contact me, I am happy to help!


what happens


Let us know you both have watched the video & read all the details by completing the confirmation below.  

Parent will receive a Top Secret email in the next 48 hours, watch your inbox. 

Must confirm within 48 hours to move to next phase