Courtney :: Arcadia Senior Class of 2016

Meet Courtney who drove 3 hours from Arcadia, FL for her senior shoot…

Modern Senior photography in Tampa Florida with Theresa Marie


“My family and I hesitated when it came to my senior pictures because we wanted my photos to have quality and life to them… We wanted to be able to look back in ten years and say, “Wow, this is exactly how I remember Courtney when she was younger.” I personally wanted to be able to feel something special when I looked at each picture. My family didn’t know of any senior photographers in our area so I started looking up “photographers near me” and TADA!, we found the lovely Theresa Marie. I started looking on the TM website and all of her beautiful work instantly caught my eye. Right then, I knew that my mom and I had to book my shoot.

My overall experience was out of this world. Everything was PERFECT. It was by far the best senior experience that I have had so far. My favorite part was how Theresa Marie and I instantly bonded. It felt like we had been friends for years, which made the shoot a little less nerve-racking. Another favorite was how insanely down to earth and goofy Theresa Marie was/is. I was cracking up the whole shoot and for that alone, I will remember this experience forever.

I wouldn’t have changed a thing… Except for maybe mother nature (i thought it was supposed to be cold in November, lol).

When I saw my images for the first time, they took my breath away (still do). I didn’t know that I could actually look so elegant and beautiful. I have no words to explain my reaction and the way the images made me feel. They were mind blowing and they were better than i could have ever imagined.

Choose Theresa Marie! Not only is she amazing, but her photography skills are also amazing. She has made my dream of having perfect senior pictures come true; as well as many other seniors I’m sure. Theresa Marie makes you feel like you matter, not just getting the right picture. She made sure my pictures were 110% me and she made sure I was comfortable all throughout the shoot and never once did I feel uncomfortable. Theresa Marie is the way to go. You won’t get better senior pictures anywhere else, I’m sure of it.”

All I can say is thank you SO much, Theresa Marie! My photos are phenomenal! I can honestly say that I never thought my pictures would turn out as well as they did, but they are better than i could have ever imagined. Every time I look at one of my pictures, I stand in disbelief because I never knew that I could look so beautiful… Thanks to you I have THE best senior pictures. I wouldn’t have changed a thing even if I could have. The pictures are beyond perfect! As for the experience, it will be remembered for a lifetime. Thank you, again! You’re the absolute best.”

Editorial senior pictures in Tampa with brick

Who are your role models and why?
My mom because she has been through so much but still tends to find the good in the bad. & she is completely selfless; she puts everyone before herself because she cares so deeply about everyone.

What is your favorite book or magazine?
The Program series by Suzanne Young

Natural senior photos downtown with Tampa senior photographer Theresa Marie

What are your plans after graduation?
I plan on going to college and getting my Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN). 

my DREAM job would be:
Animal Rescuer during the day & coffee shop performer at night

On location senior photography in Tampa, Fl
senior photo downtown with Theresa Marie Photography in Tampa

my favorite high school memory is:
Volleyball games & going out to eat before home games with my team

one thing I couldnt live without:
My family

Tampa senior pics quaint downtown
Urban senior photo in downtown Tampa with brick wall and pathway

5 things on my life bucket list are:
1. Go to Australia(possibly live there)
2. Own a sailboat & sail the world

3. Adopt a child
4. Meet Ed Sheeran
5. Marry my boyfriend and grow old and wrinkly with him

Senior photo in Tampa twirling in a dress downtown

something I have too much of:

my favorite color is:

On location senior pictures on stairs in Tampa, Fl
Editorial style senior photo in Tampa Florida with Theresa Marie senior photographer
senior photo near architecture on steps in tampa
Botanical senior photo in tampa
Natural senior pictures on the beach in Tampa Florida

mac or pc:

my favorite place to shop is:
American Eagle/The Mint Julep (online)

Senior pictures on the beach in Tampa florida at sunset
Gorgeous photo of high school senior on the beach in Tampa florida with Theresa Marie
Casual Senior Pictures on the beach with Theresa Marie in Tampa, Florida
senior picture on the beach in Tampa with volleyball and palm trees

my favorite snack foods are:
Outshine Pineapple popsicles; Takis; Fruit (mainly pineapple); Popped chips (ranch flavor)

TV show I’m currently addicted to:
Greys Anatomy

casual on location beach senior pics in Tampa near the water

a movie that makes me happy:
Big Daddy

a movie that makes me cry:
American Sniper

high school senior picture laughing in the sand on Tampa beach
Gorgeous photo of high school senior in the sand on the beach in Tampa Florida by Theresa Marie
Destination senior pictures in the sand on the beach in Tampa

if I inherited a million bucks today, I would:
Buy & payoff a house for my memaw; Buy a sailboat, to sail the world after college; Put the rest in the bank until I got ready to make buy a house & make a family

Beach Senior pictures on the rocks at sunset in Tampa Bay with Theresa Marie Photographer