Katarina | St. Petersburg Catholic Class of 2014

Meet Katarina who will be graduating with the 2014 Senior Class at St. Petersburg Catholic High School in St. Pete…

“My family and I were a little hesitant about finding a photographer for my senior pictures; would the process be awkward and uncomfortable? Would the images look detached and impersonal or would my personality shine through in the images? But, after coming across Theresa Marie’s work online, I knew right then I HAD to have her do my senior pictures. Her use of natural light was captivating, the colors in the images were rich but not overly saturated, and, most importantly, all of the subjects in the photos looked genuinely happy, not starchy or detached like typical senior pictures.

My experience with Theresa Marie was, in short, wonderful. She has such a wonderful way with teenagers; I felt totally comfortable the whole time! We joked back and forth and talked about TV shows we liked, definitely not your typical detached photographer. Theresa is not only a talented photographer but also a personable and accommodating one.

What was most striking to me was not when I saw my images but when my mother saw them; she started sobbing right at the table! It was a really bonding moment for us to share. When I saw the images I was, of course, elated; I looked natural and happy and Theresa helped to bring that out in not only the photographs but me as well.

I would definitely recommend Theresa Marie to other seniors and parents. She is friendly, cheerful, and has amazing eye for capturing moments of genuine happiness and personality.

On a personal note, I can’t say thank you enough, Theresa Marie! I truly had a wonderful time and was so amazed by the images; I’d never before seen myself looking so mature, genuine, and pretty. You have a true talent and are amazing at what you do, thank you again!! :)”

my role models are:
My mother because she works so incredibly hard on a daily basis; she is the most compassionate, positive, good natured person I have ever met. My father because he has devoted his life to working so hard to provide the best he possibly can for his family; I admire his resilience, realistic perspective, and faith he has in me. My grandparents for coming to Canada from Serbia in hopes of providing a better quality of life for their children.

What is your favorite book or magazine?
The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

5 things on my life bucket list are:
1. Lock a love lock on the Pont de l’Archevêché bridge in Paris, France 2. Publish a book 3. Put out a vocal and piano album 4. Pay for a child’s surgery 5. See the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)

my favorite snack foods are:
Kettle corn, fruit gummies, Famous Amos cookies

TV show I’m currently addicted to:
Breaking Bad!

my favorite place to shop is:
TJ Maxx

mac or pc:

a movie that makes me happy:
50 First Dates

a movie that makes me cry:
50 First Dates…

my favorite color is:

something I have too much of:
Clothing!one thing I couldnt live without:
My family and my best friend

my DREAM job would be:
Famous singer/actress (I know, I know: so cliché!)

if I inherited a million bucks today, I would:
Buy useful medical equipment for underfunded children’s hospitals in Serbia

my favorite high school memory is:
Any time I’m with my best friend; she and I can laugh for hours and talk about anything